2024 Officers for BGVFD
By Technician Karl Hartle Jr.
December 21, 2023

On Tuesday night, December 19, 2023, BGVFD held its annual elections. The results are in, and your 2024 officers for BGVFD are as follows:

District Fire Chief- Arthur Wholey (2 Year term, Jan 2023- Dec 2024)
Asst. District Fire Chief- Temika Byrd (2 Year term, Jan 2024-Dec 2025)
President- Brian Marmaduke (2 Year term, Jan 2024- Dec 2025)
Vice President- Karl Hartle (2 Year term, Jan 2023- Dec 2024)
Secretary- Rachael Phillips
Treasurer- Mandi Pelter
Member-At-Large- Justin Chenault
Life Member Representative- Tim Byrd

Thank you, and good luck to those selected to lead BGVFD as we enter 2024. We wish you and your families a safe and happy holiday season.