Squad Goes to 2’s Due for Two MVC’s
By The Volunteers
May 7, 2021

The Friday night duty crew had a busy start to their shift running 2 Motor Vehicle Collisions and a 1st due Medical call back to back.

The first MVC was transmitted just after the 8 o’clock hour for a reported head on collision on Ladysmith Rd in the area of Bridlewood Ln. The Squad with 3, Engine with 2, Medic 216, Response 2 and BC1 responded bringing the Response on the scene first with a 2 vehicle collision with heavy damage to 1 vehicle. The Medic handled 2 green patients from one vehicle with the other occupants of the 2nd vehicle denying EMS. The Squad handled leaks and hazards on both vehicles and returned to service shortly after.

After being alerted for a 1st due medical run, the Squad was returned to service by the Ambulance and was then alerted for the MVC on Interstate 95. Squad 1 responded along with Ambulance 224 to the 106 Northbound finding a Tractor Trailer vs. a passenger vehicle on the right hand shoulder. One occupant was assessed by EMS and refused treatment. The Squad held the #3 lane on the interstate while the State Police completed their investigation before returning to service.

Units: Squad 1; Engine 1; Response 2; Medic 216; Ambulance 224; Battalion 1