Squad and Engine Run 1st Due Trap Assignment
By The Volunteers
March 7, 2021

On March 7, 2021 at 1847hrs Caroline transmitted the Motor Vehicle Accident with Entrapment in the 18000 block of AP Hill Blvd. Initial information advised of 2 vehicles, with 2 unconscious and entrapped patients. The Squad responded initially with the Medic along with Squad 2, Medic 2, Engine 1, Utility 1 and the Battalion Chief bringing the Squad on scene first advising of 2 vehicles in the roadway on the southbound side of the roadway with heavy damage. All but 1 patient was able to self extricate from the vehicles, leaving 1 for a simple door pop to gain access. The squads crew assisted the Medic crew with evaluating a total of 5 patients for transport. Medic 5 was added to the call as an additional transport unit. Units operated on scene for approximately an hour and half before returning to service. All patients were transported by ground to the nearest Trauma Facility.

While still on scene of this incident, after all patients had been transported, FF T. Hellem assisted a citizen with a flat tire in an adjacent parking lot. The elderly gentleman was very appreciative of FF T. Hellem's kindness and willingness to help. We'd like to give praise to our members for always going above and beyond to help anyone in need!

Units: Squad 1; Engine 1; Utility 1; Medic 1; Squad 2 (placed in service); Medic 2; Medic 5; Battalion Chief 1