Company 1 Triple Pulls on the Vehicle Fire Endangering a Structure
By The Volunteers
February 21, 2021

On February 21, 2021, units were alerted for the vehicle fire endangering a structure at 1003hrs. Initial reports advised of a pickup truck fully involved in close proximity of a residence. Engine 1, Engine 2, Tanker 5, Wagon 1, Squad 1, Chief 10, BC1 and M116 all responded on the dispatch bringing E1 on scene first with a single pickup truck at the back of the house, with a small fire in the dash of the vehicle. Command was established by Engine 1's officer and the incident was held to the Company 1 units. The fire was contained to the dash of the vehicle and was extinguished moments after arrival. Units operated on scene for a short time before returning to service.

Units: Engine 1; Squad 1; Wagon 1; Engine 2; Tanker 5; Medic 116; Battalion 1; Chief 10